Danielle “Dani” Mendez is a multi-talented composer, producer, and artist who is destined to revolutionize the role of the music creative. Her skills span from orchestral scoring to multi-genre music production, vocal arrangements, and songwriting. Dani’s work can be heard in various projects by major brands such as US BANK, MASTERCARD, Mattel, and PUMA. Her original compositions and arrangements are also featured in popular shows like All American (CW), Righteous Gemstones (HBO), LOOT (Apple TV), and Unicorn Academy (Netflix). What sets Dani apart is her inspiring journey as a mostly self-taught producer and composer. Her relentless drive to achieve new heights and push creative boundaries is admirable and serves as a testament to her exceptional talent.

Hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dani discovered a passion for music at a young age and started playing piano by ear. Recognizing her talent and interest in music, Dani’s uncle recommended that she be enrolled in classical piano lessons. Dani took private piano lessons in middle and high school intermittently. While pursuing an Economics degree at Fordham University, Dani pursued internships and jobs within the music industry (A&R for Warner Music Group; Marketing Associate for Green Label Sound) while also teaching herself the art of music production and arrangement. Driven by passion, Dani won a music composition competition through The Juilliard School for her classical composition, “Juan Rey.” Her winning composition was performed by the Adaskin String Trio at the NYC National Opera Center of America in 2014.

Following her time as an A&R assistant at Warner Music, Dani decided to take her music production skills to France. She worked as an independent music producer, musician, and vocalist. Her time in France exposed her to a diverse range of world music styles and rhythms, greatly contributing to her musical diversity. Now currently based in Los Angeles, Dani continues to work as a composer, producer, and songwriter. As a member of The Math Club, Dani continuously strives to challenge her skillset and explore new musical landscapes. Her curiosity, work ethic, and experience are the driving forces behind her success this far, and this is only the beginning!